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If you are a CASTA member and would like to volunteer to help with parties, trips, bus trips... please contact:

Victoria Vattimo



Listed below are the Officers names and places of the meetings since the very beginning:

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1979 - 2018

Officers 2017 - 2018

  • President: Vicki Vattimo
  • Vice President: Gordie Peters
  • Treasurer: Carole Baumes
  • Secretary - Dale Wade




John & Phyllis BorelJohn & Phyllis Borel

John Borel, Phyllis Bader-Borel and Bill Hetzer were among the pioneers in popularizing cross country skiing in the early 1970s in the capital region. In those days you could buy skis, boots and poles for $65. But you had to put pine tar on the Scandinavian designed wooden skis before you could wax them.  As the sport grew more popular, the technology kept improving,  local sports stores dedicated to winter sprouted up,  and the small group of friends organized day trips to take to the ski and hiking trails in the capital region. They soon discovered that snow conditions were more favorable to the north, and north they went on weekend trips. They could book a lodge for a group of 20 to 25 people for $23-$25 each for a weekend, food included, with a little extra tip for instruction. 

Before long, some in the group expressed feelings that a more formal organization was required, and thus was born the Capital Area Ski Touring Association, or CASTA.  The early founders were John, Phyllis, Maurice Rivard, Frank Oberkoetter, Hervey Howell, Nancy Burke and Betty Cowles. They also served as the first officers. The club held its first meetings in 1978 and was running trips to Vermont and the Adirondacks those first years. Lodges included Garnet Hill in the Adirondacks; Mountain Meadows, Trapp Family Lodge and Mountain Top Lodge in Vermont,  and Jackson Village in New Hampshire as well as others.  It was a loose organization in those days;  the only international trip planned was a weekend in Quebec City, Canada.  There were no bus trips, and the group pooled their cars for ride-sharing transportation.  In 1980 John and Walter Blank created Adirondack Hut to Hut ski tours, out of Indian Lake,  becoming less active in CASTA.  After retiring from State Education Department, John was a part-time cross-country ski instructor at Lapland Lake Nordic Vacation Center in Northville for 12 years and with Phyllis led four ski trips on the Peer Gynt trail in Norway. In 2015 John and Phyllis moved back into the capital region after living 25 years in Saratoga Springs, and they were happy to be invited back to the 2016 Holiday Dinner of CASTA. They look forward to rejoining CASTA.
The goal always was to bring together people who loved the outdoors and winter sports, and to create opportunities for skiing and socializing together.  It’s always been a winning formula. Long-lasting friendships are one outcome, and even some more serious relationships.
` John Borel