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Victoria Vattimo






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The Klister

 The Newsletter of the

Capital Area Ski Touring Association



Wood Carving was hand carved by Chuck Alsdorf, Secretary of CASTA.Wood Carving was hand carved by Chuck Alsdorf, Secretary of CASTA.


Definition of KLISTER:  A soft wax used on skis.  Origin of KLISTER. Norwegian, literally, paste, from Middle Low German klister.  First known use: 1936







Klister/Website:  Submit any photos, stories, or memorabilia, with captions, to Fred Adriance to be added into the Newsletter or to Sarah Adriance for the Website.  Articles should be submitted by the 25th of the month for the following month.  Requests from non-CASTA Members to be added to Klister mailing list are not honored.  The e-mailed and hard copy of the KLISTER is a membership benefit,  We are proud to say 99% of our members are receiving on-line news and up-dated info utilizing CASTA's website.