If you are a club member and would like to volunteer to help with parties, trips, bus trips... please contact our CASTA President. 

Victoria Vattimo




The first KLISTER, that I found was listed as “Vol. 1, Nov 2 - Dec”, so I would assume that the first KLISTER (Newsletter) was November 1978 and that was the beginning of CASTA. ~Kathy Gizzi 11/25/2012


Listed below are the Officers names and places of the meetings since the very beginning:

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1979 - 2016













 0FFICERS:  2017 - 2018


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 PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE       March 2017

As the current ski season comes to a close, I would like to urge all of you to plan to attend the next and final ‘official’ meeting of the year. Scheduled for Tuesday, March 21st. Not only is it an occasion to enjoy the company of your fellow members and share a meal together, it is also an opportunity to help chart our clubs future. New officers are slated to be elected at this meeting. They will be responsible for setting the tone and administering the organization in the coming season and beyond. We need committed people to lead us. So if you feel as I do, and want to see CASTA continue to be a viable vehicle for promoting our enjoyment of X-Country skiing, then your attendance is mandatory.

 As a first year president I would like to thank all of my fellow officers for their support and guidance. Thanks as well to everyone who has volunteered, from trip leaders, to those who have organized and executed our potluck get togethers, to those who have worked to promote the club. Thank you one and all for your commitment to the spirit of CASTA.

 It is my firm belief that with all of us participating together, our organization will realize a renaissance of financial stability, expanded participation, and an expanded slate of experiences for all of our members, including both in season and off season activities. One last word to all of you. If you value, as I do, what CASTA provides us all, your increased participation in the inner workings of the club are needed in order to continue and enhance the fun and fellowship which the club has provided to all of its members now for over 40 years.



Ernie Cupernall – CASTA President / 2016-2017



Sunshine Chairperson


If you know a member of our club who could use a little cheering up, our sympathy, or a get well card, please contact:  Joan Isbister  



WebsiteSarah Adriance & Susan Phelps

Newsletter - Fred Adriance

Membership - Carole Baumes

Xmas Potluck Dinner - June Costello

Refreshments - Ginny Parsons

March Potluck Dinner -  June Costello

Bus Trip Scheduler - Fred Adriance


Saturday Bus Trip Passenger Coordinators:

Jan  7th - Gordie Peters

Jan 21st - Ernie Cupernall

Feb  4th - Barry Isbister

Mar 4th -  Susan Phelps & John Story


Please contact the Bus Trip Coordinators if you would like to be added to their list as a member or as a guest.  Thanks!




The Klister

 The Newsletter of the

Capital Area Ski Touring Association



Wood Carving was hand carved by Chuck Alsdorf, Secretary of CASTA.Wood Carving was hand carved by Chuck Alsdorf, Secretary of CASTA.


Definition of KLISTER:  A soft wax used on skis.  Origin of KLISTER. Norwegian, literally, paste, from Middle Low German klister.  First known use: 1936







Klister/Website:  Submit any photos, stories, or memorabilia, with captions, to Fred Adriance to be added into the Newsletter or to Sarah Adriance for the Website.  Articles should be submitted by the 25th of the month for the following month.  Requests from non-CASTA Members to be added to Klister mailing list are not honored.  The e-mailed and hard copy of the KLISTER is a membership benefit,  We are proud to say 99% of our members are receiving on-line news and up-dated info utilizing CASTA's website.