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If you are a CASTA member and would like to volunteer to help with parties, trips, bus trips... please contact:

Victoria Vattimo


If you're interested in one or all of the  Saturday bus trips, please let the Bus Trip Coordinators know.  They will be more than happy to help you. 

  • Jan 6th - Gordie Peters
  • Jan 27th - Ernie Cupernall
  • Feb 10th - Pat & Dan Testo
  • March 10th - June Costello

Weather Ouija

               ~ Gordie Peters

In recent weeks I’ve been hearing that there’s a pretty good likelihood that the USA will be experiencing a mild and short-lived La Niña. Cull through the following articles for details. What I’m deducing from these is a “normal” winter, whatever that means.

Popular Mechanics

Popular Science




Saturday Bus Trips


January 06, 2018 - Olympic Sports Complex at Mt. Van Hovenburg

Our bus leaves Yankee Trails in Rensselaer at 7:30AM on Saturday and will pick-up other passengers at the park and ride lots at Northway Exit 8 (approx. 7:50AM) and Exit 20 (approx. 8:35AM)  We'll start back from Lake Placid at 4:00PM.  Mt Van Hovenburg Trail Fees—Group $17, Seniors 70+ $13 (tip included)  Bus Coordinator: Gordie Peters

 Due to weather conditions, this trip is cancelled.


January 27, 2018 - Garnet Hill Lodge XC Ski Center

Our bus leaves Yankee Trails in Rensselaer at 7:30AM on Saturday and will pick-up other passengers at the park and ride lots at Northway Exit 8 (approx. 7:50AM) and Exit 20 (approx. 8:35AM).  We'll head home at 4:00PM.  Please be prompt. The bus, like time, waits for no one! I will collect trail fees on the bus. Garnet Hill is giving us single, flat rate discount on trail fees (no discount for being an older skier). Please have $16 (per person) ready for me. Exact tender is appreciated. Bus Coordinator: Ernie Cupernall  

Due to weather conditions, this trip is cancelled.  


February 10, 2018 -  Mountain Top, Vermont - Bus Coordinator:  Pat & Dan Testo


March 10, 2018 Mt. Van Hoevenberg, NY - Bus Coordinator:  June Costello  

To make payments fpr this trip, please contact Fred Adriance.


Impromptu Skiing: If you would like to add your email address to our list to join in on spur-of-the-moment outings, please email Vicki Vattimo.


  *Snow Condition Updates*


XC Skiing Videos


Yankee Trails: 569 Third Ave Ext.
                               Rensselaer, NY

Bus Trips leave from the Yankee Trails Lot at 7:30AM and stop at Exit 8 on the Northway if we are headed that way. We will make an extra pick-up at Exit 20 if there are members waiting there. We will also stop at The Brunswick Walmart if we are going East. The bus will return from all destinations at 4:00PM. 

Ski Bus Procedures Trail fees are to be paid prior to entering the bus. This will enable the Coordinator to sort out the funds and not have to walk down the aisle of a lurching bus trying to collect monies. Members will also be required to enter their age on the sign-up sheet . Please enter your correct age so that we can collect the proper trail fee. If you’d prefer not to divulge your age, we’ll just charge you the regular fee (Senior rates and youth rates won’t apply).

Bus reservations and fees are only refundable for personal illness or family emergencies.

 If you would like, bring a snack to share for the bus ride home.