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Physical Fitness, Agility and Balance

 ~ David S. Pratt



Physical activity is a powerful preventive medicine measure. Regular activity is associated with reductions in heart attacks, strokes, hypertension, weight gain, gall stones, falls, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, depression and sleep apnea.


Prescreening before starting to exercise?


Nicely laid out questionnaire to assure new exercisers they can begin without a doctor’s OK.  To get a better understanding of your strength and agility here are two tests you can try. #1 Chair test for leg strength:


 #2 Eight Foot Up and Go Test – agility and balance testing:


More Resources:

Physical activity for adults and seniors:


This comprehensive website provides background information and graded exercises for all adults and seniors. It is easy to navigate and includes videos of exercise that would be helpful for major muscle groups. The site underscores the fundamental value of aerobic exercise – 150 minutes per week for all of us.

Some recommended exercise schedules for older adults:


Cross Country Skiing Stretches